Food & Beverages

Tushaco manufactures pumps and systems for this industry with main focus on highest hygiene standards and cleaning efficiency. They can be cleaned by means of throughput rinsing without dismantling, leaving them completely free of residue and bacteria (CIP—Cleaning in Place and SIP—Steaming in Place).

Tushaco’s products such as progressing cavity pump move the fluid media economically and uniformly with low pulse. The pumps tolerate grain sizes up to 7 mm and fiber lengths of 80 mm with no drop in performance. The exact feed quantity can be controlled by simply regulating the rotational speed. You can rely on them for any measured input application, including batch loading, bottling/canning plants, wherever additives are used, or when creating product blends.

Tushaco’s progressing cavity pump meets high Sanitary Standard. All materials and surface items are optimized to meet the highest requirements in terms of cleanliness and ease of cleaning. The hydro-dynamic design of the interior of the pump ensures that there is no dead space without product flow, thereby avoiding residue build-up inside the feed area.

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