Oil & Gas

Tushaco’s global exposure brings pumping solutions for Oil & Gas industry where extreme environment and challenging applications are key concerns. From the exploration to the end product stage, the industry requires various types of pumps to handle light & heavy crude, Benzene, Gasoline, kerosene, naphtha, bunker, bitumen, slope oil, distillate, lubricating oil, etc. These fluids have different viscosities, temperatures and pressures.

The pumps have to perform continuously in the pipeline applications in remote locations. Our operating experience and manufacturing technology allow us to meet these requirements with a screw pump product family based on robust designs and special internal metallurgy. Unlike reciprocating pumps, our screw pumps do not require a regimented maintenance and overhaul program. To our customers, the result is very less operational expenses throughout the lifecycle of the pump.

Tushaco offers screw pumps, centrifugal pumps, progressing cavity pumps and gear pumps for various applications.


Production applications

Well gathering

Heater Treater
Free water knockout
Desalter bottom

Pipeline applications

Suction booster

Pipeline injection
Blending injection
Chemical injection

Tank farm applications

Storage tank transfer

Heater circulation

Refinery applications

Process charge

Residuum and vacuum
De-asphalting system
Waste and slop oil

Tushaco can offer various pumping systems of Allweiler, AG & Oil Mist Lubrication System of Lubrication Systems Company (LSC)

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