Power Generation

Tushaco is well positioned in the power generation industry due to its technological expertise and know-how. Power generation industry demands equipments with very high reliability. Tushaco is a well known positive displacement pump developer and manufacturer and is the preferred brand in the critical fluid handling applications such as rotor jacking where failure is not an option. Committed engineering and sales team works closely with the major power plant equipment designers & manufacturers, system builders and end users in the industry. Tushaco offers extensive range of engineered products and systems for this industry. For various power plants- nuclear reactor, fossil-fired, combined cycle, large and small industrial power plants-we deliver pumps for the following application

Jacking of turbine rotor
Fuel oil unloading
Fuel oil transfer
Fuel oil forwarding
Fuel oil injection
Control oil handling
Seal oil supply for generator
Lube oil unloading
Lubrication of bearings
Drain oil transfer
Barrel unloading
Water treatment
We also offer customized fluid handling Systems and Skids such as
Jacking oil system
Fuel oil unloading system
Fuel oil transfer system
Fuel oil injection system
Lubrication system
In addition to the above, we also offer various pumping systems of Allweiler & Lubrication System Company (LSC)
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