Pulp & Paper

A paper mill demands positive displacement pumps which move the raw material, additives, adhesives, etc. The product range from Tushaco easily meets these requirements with continuous, reliable operation and minimum maintenance.


Tushaco’s products find the application in

Stock preparation
Paper machine
Coating & laminating

Stock Preparation

After mechanical and chemical treatment, the fibers (wood, cellulose, and wastepaper) are pumped to the central stock preparation area. Tushaco’s progressing cavity pumps are used for the delivery of paper stock from mixing vessels to further treatment. Adhesives, kaolin and colorants are also handled by progressing cavity pumps.


Paper machine

To increase the surface strength of paper, a glue or starch solution is often added in press & dryer section. Progressing cavity pumps are used in this application.


Coating & Laminating

Paper surface is coated with pigments as per the requirement .Progressing cavity pumps are used in the production of the coating colour as well as feeding the coater in the coating area.


Benefits of Tushaco progressing cavity pumps

Gentle pumping with little pulsation
Exact dosing ability
Speed and flow control

Special twin screw pumps for pulp with 22% consistency can be offered

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