Water & Waste Water

Industrialization and modernisation results in wastes added to the environment in terms of solids, gases, fluids, etc. As the need for environment protection is mandatory, it is necessary to treat all the wastes that are produced or generated before it goes to the environment. Whenever you think water treatment, you can rely on Tushaco which is having a proven record of best performing pumps across the industries. Some of the fluids handled by our pumps are


Untreated sewage

All types of sludge

Milk of Lime suspension, neutralizing agents

Ferric chloride solution, precipitating agents

Polyelectrolyte, Flocculant

Slurry, dewatered sludge with up to 45% dissolved solid contents


Press water, filtrate

Fresh, industrial, process water

Cleaning, sealing water

Adsorbents, oxidants, disinfectants

Sampling – sewage, sewage water, sludge

Centrifuge Feed
Filter-Press charging

Products offered for this industry includes Progressing Cavity Pumps, Macerators, Engineered systems as per customer requirement


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